Allergies Can Spike When Carpeting Traps Unwanted Particles

Allergies Can Spike When Carpeting Traps Unwanted Particles

We all love rugs and carpets, as they make commercial buildings look warm and inviting.

However, are you aware of the allergens they carry? If you were, you would probably be cleaning them or looking for commercial cleaning services right now.

Facts are Facts

According to a report of the National Center for Healthy Housing, rugs and carpets represent 65% of the US floor covering market in a time when over 40% of the American population has been sensitized to allergens. This could be closely related to the fact that carpets and rugs hold between 5 and 25 grams of dirt and dust per square meter, depending on foot traffic, the material they are made of and other factors.

By simply walking on a carpet, a person stirs up an invisible dust cloud, exposing themselves and those around them to the respective dust and the allergens in it. In fact, studies have already established a close connection between asthma severity and the weight of the floors dust, showing that carpets hold more dust than hard floors.

Of course, this does not mean that you should give up carpets completely to avoid allergies. It just means you should take measures to lower the amount of unwanted particles they trap.

Prevent Your Carpeting from Trapping Unwanted Particles

  • Avoid wall-to-wall carpets. Large carpets that go under the furniture are difficult, if not impossible, to clean. Limit your carpets’ dimensions and placement, so as to ensure accessibility and easy cleaning.
  • Choose the material of your carpets carefully. With carpets made from natural materials, you avoid exposure to volatile organic compounds used in dyes or adhesives. Also, keep in mind that fluffier carpets attract more dirt and are more difficult to clean.
  • Use high quality cleaning tools. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are better at removing dirt and dust. Steam cleaners are better sanitizers, but make sure the carpets dry thoroughly after using them; otherwise, the moisture may become a trap for further allergens.

Reduce Allergies with Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Carpets can be difficult to clean, and the necessary tools and supplies can cost a small fortune, no matter if we are talking about homes or commercial facilities. You can save a lot of time and effort by hiring specialized cleaning services. Professionals will know exactly how to keep your carpets great looking and prevent them from trapping the allergens you fear.

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