You Should Buy a Cleaning Franchise – Why You Want In

You Should Buy a Cleaning Franchise – Why You Want In

The US economy has been through a lot. We’ve seen impressive booms and a recession that slammed the automobile and housing industries. Conditions in the country are always changing, and many people wonder what the future holds for them. In light of such uncertainty, the best tactic is to hold onto jobs that will always be around – even in the face of technological advancements.

The Unchanging Need

No matter what, there’s one industry that will always be in demand – cleaning services. Even with robots building cars and taking fast food orders, there will always be a mess to clean up. Individuals and businesses constantly rely on cleaning services to keep their environments free of germs and looking fantastic.

You should buy a cleaning franchise as it is a wonderful investment. You can be your own boss while holding onto one of the most stable markets available – one that generated more than $51 billion in 2015 alone.

The Cleaning Company Outlook

There’s significant upward momentum carrying the cleaning industry now. It suffered during the Great Recession (as did most businesses), but it’s climbing steadily with no signs of slowing down. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a steady 6 percent growth across the board. That translates to more than 130,000 new jobs by 2024.

The outlook is so positive, because cleaning companies are incredibly flexible. Buying a cleaning franchise means that you can set your own hours and make all the business decisions. There’s also the potential for unlimited income. Cleaning services reach out to new clients all the time, but existing customers will always need more than one visit. Messes simply happen.

Buy a Cleaning Franchise

If you’re eager to ride the wave of growth in the cleaning industry, consider opening an Image One franchise. You’ll have support and training from one of the best companies in the business – all while you chase your dreams of financial security and flexible employment.