Properly Care for Your High-Traffic Floor Maintenance

Properly Care for Your High-Traffic Floor Maintenance

There’s no part of your building’s interior that endures more use than the floor. In certain areas, foot traffic is much higher, resulting in even faster wear and tear. Luckily, proper maintenance and planning can keep your floors looking great for years to come.

Step One: Target the Problem

To properly treat your floors, determine what areas see the most use. Evaluate the condition of floors in the entrance, hallways, and elevators. Areas with consumer and employee traffic experience the most wear.

Step Two: Decide if the Floor Needs Replacing

Even with the best care, high-traffic floor maintenance must be replaced occasionally. Starting over with a fresh layer of carpet, tile, linoleum, etc., makes maintenance easier in the long run. Replacement also offers the chance to pick a new color scheme and freshen up the interior.

Step Three: Strip and Refinish

In some cases, the floor is in suitable shape but a new finish is needed. Often, the old finish can be removed easily. Many contracting companies can remove the old layers in a short period of time. Once the floor is stripped and rinsed, a fresh finish offers a like-new appearance.

Step Four: High-Traffic Floor Maintenance

The best way to care for your high-traffic floor is to frequently keep them clean. Dirt grinds into carpet fibers and scratches the finish on linoleum and other hard surfaces. Regular washing also puts a stop to chemical corrosion due to spills.

Vacuum carpets frequently. High-traffic floor areas should be vacuumed daily—particularly in the main entry. Areas that see medium foot traffic (like hallways and most offices) should be cleaned every other day, and light-traffic areas should be vacuumed once per week. Shampoo carpets at least once per year.

Hard floors should be swept/vacuumed and mopped on a similar schedule. Hard floors in the busiest areas need attention every day to look their best. Certain surfaces might require special treatments, like wax for hardwood.

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