How a Clean Office Affects Employee Productivity

How a Clean Office Affects Employee Productivity

Businesses spend a great amount of time and money looking for ways to boost productivity. A clean office, however, may be the solution to maximize your employees’ performance.

Six Ways a Clean Office Increases Efficiency:

  1. Cleanliness reduces sickness. Sick days cost America $576 billion annually. The cost adds up quickly, from absenteeism to Workers’ Compensation. Keep the office orderly and disinfected to reduce the chances of sickness and injury and keep workers healthy.
  1. A clean building encourages attendance. Employees feel more inclined to come in when the space is free of grime and clutter. Clean garbage cans frequently to reduce bad smells and the risk of contamination.
  1. Clear work spaces equal motivated employees. Studies from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute prove that it’s easier to concentrate when your environment is decluttered. Better concentration means more completed work.
  1. Cleanliness reduces stress. Sixty percent of workers say that their biggest stressor is the job itself. Dirty and messy environments cause higher levels of anxiety and foster feelings of depression. Employees who are less stressed are less likely to make mistakes.
  1. Unsoiled equipment is more reliable. Many offices completely overlook their computers, printers, and other machinery when cleaning. This can be a costly mistake since accumulated dust and dirt causes wear and tear on the hardware. When machines run longer without repair or maintenance, employees accomplish more.
  1. Clutter and dust are fire hazards. Dust is risky because it can cause a blaze, especially on electrical equipment. Other unorganized items like paper and garbage can cause a fire to spread more quickly. A burned building stops productivity completely and puts workers in danger.

A clean work environment is vital to employee performance and office safety. Spending a few minutes or hours per day (depending on the size of the building) is a valuable investment for any company. To schedule a free quote, please call 630.616.1010.