Frequently Asked Questions About Image One Franchises

Frequently Asked Questions About Image One Franchises

Every big financial decision comes with a host of questions, and starting an Image One cleaning franchise is no different. Even though it’s an incredible chance to have personal and financial freedom, taking the plunge can be intimidating.

We understand your concern and want to address the most commonly asked questions.

Q: Can I choose a part-time business?

A: Absolutely. You have the freedom to determine your hours of operation each day. Whether you’d prefer part- or full-time opportunities, we’re ready to support you.

Q: Will I need to quit my current job?

A: No. If you’d like to, you can – but it’s not at all necessary. Many of our clients start out part time and transition into relying fully on the cleaning company.

Q: Are there financing options?

A: Yes! The program is designed to be affordable, but we will finance a portion of your investment. All you need is a down payment to select your program.

Q: How much is the investment going to cost?

A: This depends on which program you opt for. There are different selections to match different needs, but you can begin with as little as $15,000 for the down payment.

Q: Does Image One provide my business with clients?

A: Yes. We have a sales team dedicated to growing your franchise. We’ll make sure you have customers to serve, and we’ll even offer training for acquiring new ones on your own.

Q: Does Image One give me employees?

A: No. We’ll offer all the training you need to hire and educate new employees, but it’s up to you to find individuals who fit your needs.

Q: Can I really make money with a cleaning business?

A: Absolutely. The cleaning industry is seeing steady growth, and some people make six figures each year due to their hard work.

We know that you probably have more questions, and we’re happy to answer them. Call us at 630-616-1010 today.