Keeping Your Office Restroom Clean on a Daily Basis

Keeping Your Office Restroom Clean on a Daily Basis

Most employees agree that the bathroom is the one area that should always be kept clean. An unclean environment in this space can lead to the spread of germs and thousands of different viruses, which is one reason why health departments issue fines and citations for unsatisfactory conditions.

Beyond that, a spotless office restroom is a fantastic tool for improving employee productivity and morale. It also boosts customer opinions and builds a better business in general.

Areas to Pay Attention to in Your Office Restroom

To keep your bathroom facilities pristine and professional, pay special attention to:

  • …always using disinfecting solutions and gloves to perform the job. It’s crucial that the entire toilet is cleaned—not just the bowl. The tank, base, seat, and lid need attention as well.
  • …the sink which can be a breeding ground for bacteria, since it is usually wet. A properly trained cleaning crew should pay special attention to the faucets, since this is where most germs are concentrated.
  • …door handles. Everyone who enters or exits the bathroom interacts with the door. Disinfect the handles frequently to keep germs to a minimum.
  • …customers and employees are instantly turned away when mirrors are noticeably dirty. Water spots, smudges, dust, and fingerprints accumulate anytime the facility is used.
  • …floor and finishing touches. Pick up and remove garbage frequently. The floor should be swept or vacuumed each time, and it should be mopped thoroughly. Stall walls must be wiped down occasionally as well.

How Often to Clean?

The size of your company and how often the office restroom facilities are used will determine how often to clean. Larger firms need to have bathrooms attended to multiple times a day, to replace paper towels and bath tissue at the least. Smaller businesses can be cleaned every other night or even weekly, depending on the conditions.

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