How Cleaning Companies Maintain Top Secret and Sensitive Facilities’ Information

How Cleaning Companies Maintain Top Secret and Sensitive Facilities’ Information

Top, respectable cleaning companies like Image One USA take great care for every client they provide services for, working to make sure the premises are cleaned to a standard of excellence. Regular training is given to ensure that each cleaner is well-versed in the newest and best techniques and tools.

But when a job takes the team to a facility that handles sensitive information, special precautions are set in place to make sure security is kept above all things. Here’s a quick look on the process the top cleaning companies use to make sure your information stays safe.

Trustworthy Team Members

A good cleaning company will regard your secret information as seriously as you do, and they’ll work with great care to make sure that information stays secret. This care starts with screening each cleaner the team employs, making sure they’re trustworthy and appropriate to work in the given environment.

Clearance You’re Comfortable With

To keep your security levels high, cleaning companies like Image One will work with you to get every member of the cleaning team cleared to move about your facility. Giving the cleaners appropriate clearance will make sure that only the people you authorize will be allowed around the facility, and it will give you the assurance that they have access only to the places you want them to be in.


Once the team knows where they’ll be cleaning, they’ll need to be trained in exactly how to clean. A team must use tools and methods that don’t jeopardize the confidentiality or physical condition of any sensitive objects or secure places.

Before entering a secure facility, cleaners are given special instructions and training, making sure they get their methods right the first time, every time.

At Image One, your security and privacy are our top priorities. Your facility deserves to look its best, and their professionals are equipped to make that happen–safely and securely. Contact them today to discuss the terms of the job, and to receive a free quote!