10 Things to Do Before Moving Into Your New Office

10 Things to Do Before Moving Into Your New Office

At some point, a growing business will need to upgrade their surroundings. Moving into a new office can be very stressful if you don’t know how to manage it well. Make sure you plan your move well in order to avoid hassles and potential problems that could arise before, during and even after the move.

What to Do Before Moving

For a trouble-free move, implement the 10 things below before occupying your new office.

  1. Double-Check the Fixtures.

Make sure sinks, lights, and other fixtures are working properly. Have them repaired and install new ones if necessary. Make sure that there is a functioning kitchen.

  1. Set Up the Essentials.

When employees begin streaming into the office, you ought to have the essentials on hand- a water supply, basic furniture and equipment, hand washing station, cleaning materials, important files, etc. Also install phone lines and broadband services early on.

  1. Do Another Inventory.

Even if you already did an initial inventory when you moved out from the old office, you ought to do another one before moving in. This way, no documents or supplies get lost or misplaced during the move. Sort them well and label them properly.

  1. Build Storage Facilities.

Before moving to your new workplace, have sufficient storage facilities built. It should be enough not just for old stuff, but must also have room for new files and materials in the future.

  1. Coordinate with Suppliers.

Be sure to coordinate with vendors regarding your change of address. These may include suppliers of paper, water, and ink, as well as services that you don’t intend to replace.

  1. Prepare Change of Address Cards.

Inform not just your office staff about your new address, but also distribute address cards to clients, suppliers, and partners.

  1. Plan and Implement the Final Layout.

Decide where the storage area will be placed, along with the work tables, a pantry, the conference room, and more. Decide which layout is most suitable for the new space you have and which one will be most efficient for your operations.

  1. Provide Instructions to Employees.

Have a final meeting with your employees to provide necessary instructions, such as seating arrangements, new schedules and routines, and task assignments.

  1. Hire a Professional Cleaner.

The new office should be thoroughly cleaned by a reliable professional cleaning service before you occupy it. This is essential in putting everyone in “Fresh Start” mode and ensuring utmost comfort and health.

  1. Have Labeled Boxes Delivered.

Make sure to have your labeled boxes delivered ahead of time and not on the same day that you intend to move into the office.

Ensuring a Smooth-Sailing Move

In following the tips given above, you can make your move smooth-sailing, thus also ensuring a great beginning for the company at your new address.