Understanding Proper Carpet Maintenance and it’s Long Term Results

Understanding Proper Carpet Maintenance and it’s Long Term Results

Purchasing and installing commercial carpets can be costly. Thus, it is important for businesses to maintain carpets regularly so it serves them longer.

Thus, proper carpet maintenance measures should be implemented immediately after the carpet is installed. Professional carpet cleaning services offer expert advice on the most ideal carpet maintenance program.

What Proper Carpet Maintenance Entails

According to the Carpet and Rug, proper carpet maintenance goes beyond carpet cleaning. It takes into account factors such as the activity level on different sections of the carpet, ventilation, soil removal, proper carpet installation, and the removal of unwanted substances from the carpet.

Carpet maintenance is characterized by the use of appropriate cleaning equipment, methods, and detergents to preserve the quality of the carpet. The approach should be a cost-effective one to ensure the plan is sustainable in the long haul.

The Impact of Poor Carpet Maintenance

Lack of proper carpet maintenance can void a carpet’s warranty. Warranty validity is subject to adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines, which require proper maintenance of the carpet. It also diminishes the carpet’s ability to serve its purpose, both in the short and long term.

A commercial carpet improves the aesthetic value of any business premises, which enhances the overall business image. An effective maintenance plan increases the carpet’s longevity. It also helps to preserve the property value.

A well-maintained carpet boosts the employee’s well-being, mood, and ultimately, productivity. Proper carpet care preserves the carpet’s colors, texture, fabric and patterns for many years. For a free carpet cleaning quote, please call 630.616.1010 or fill out our form.