Three Reasons to Have Wood Flooring vs. Carpeting for Cleaning Purposes

Three Reasons to Have Wood Flooring vs. Carpeting for Cleaning Purposes

Are you considering installing new floors in your office? Thinking about ditching the carpet for something else? Well, lucky for you there are many reasons to consider installing wood flooring vs. carpeting. From its ease of maintenance to its durability and natural beauty, it’s no wonder wooden floors have soared in popularity.

Wood Flooring Is Easier to Maintain

If there’s one thing any homeowner loves, it’s products that are easy to maintain and keep clean. Carpet is neither of these. It can be vacuumed, but in order to get it really clean it has to be professionally steamed several times a year. Most homeowners won’t get their carpets cleaned as often as should be, so the carpets stick with dust, hair, dirt and all sorts of debris that tends to get trapped in the fibers of the carpet. Wood floors, though, are much easier to clean. There are no fibers for debris to get trapped in and it only takes a little weekly dusting to keep the floors looking great.

Wood Flooring is Better For Air Quality In a Home

If anyone at home has respiratory issues, take note. Carpets tend to trap contaminants and particles and then release them into the air as you traipse on them. However, on wood floors, the particles sit on top of the surface and are quick and easy to dust away.

Easier to Clean

If you spill food or liquid on a wood floor, it’s a lot easier to wipe away. If you have a spillage on carpeting, especially a lightly colored one, it’s hard to stop stains from setting in. Wood flooring is the ideal solution when it comes to avoiding stains – it won’t absorb spillages so quickly, which makes it quicker and easier to clean up.

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