The top five places in your office that contains the most germs: how to stay healthy during cold and flu season

The top five places in your office that contains the most germs: how to stay healthy during cold and flu season

Flu season is here, and it seems like everyone is either sneezing, coughing or out sick. It’s common for people to catch viruses while at work, so next time you decide to reach for the office phone (that is teeming with germs) you may want to sanitize it first. Scientific research has identified the Top Five places and objects in the workplace that have the highest frequency of germs and bacteria. To avoid the flu, and other illness, we advise you use caution (and sanitizer) when you encounter these items during your work week:

Break Room
The break room typically has more bacteria-laden surfaces than any other area in your office. Sink knobs and appliance door handles particularly harbor the greatest numbers of germs. This happens because office workers frequently shake hands, spill food and use grimy, old sponges to clean things.

Outside of the break room, telephones become the second most germ-covered item in your office. Employees seldom clean this equipment, and the handset regularly comes into close contact with a person’s face and mouth

Another major bacteria zone is your computer keyboard. People touch it throughout the day and occasionally drops of food crumbs can become lodged between the keys. Deep crevices make it a difficult object to thoroughly clean, making it an ideal place for bacteria and germs to gather.

Computer Mouse
Your computer mouse may carry fewer viruses than your keyboard, but it still ranks as one of the top places to find bacteria. Germs may accumulate in cracks around the buttons and scroll wheel and frequent contact with fingers also helps microorganisms proliferate.

It’s not uncommon for desks to contain more germs than toilet seats in the office restroom. Many employees contribute to this problem by eating snacks in cubicles or covering desks with clutter that inhibits thorough cleaning.

The best way for you to avoid office germs in this and future cold and flu seasons is to sanitize desks and break room surfaces each day, even more so if a co-worker has been, or appears sick. Regularly disinfect desktop electronics, especially after someone else uses them. Use appropriate products when cleaning and be aware that excessive cleaning could damage this equipment.

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