How to Prevent Ice and Snow from Wreaking Havoc in Your Lobby

How to Prevent Ice and Snow from Wreaking Havoc in Your Lobby

For millions of Americans, the 2015-2016 winter season has (finally) begun to rear its ugly head, which brings great need for cleaning in commercial buildings.

Slush, snow and ice turn lobbies into slick, dirty spaces, and ice melt can be damaging to your flooring, but you can take some measures to keep your entrance neat and clean.

Preventative Measures Work Best For Winter Wear And Tear

  • Erect a canopy or roof over your entrance so people don’t track in so much snow and ice.
  • Use walk-off mats in the entry way and lobby. These will prevent a lot of mud, snow and slush from getting tracked onto your flooring.
  • Keep your sidewalks clear of snow, ice, and slush to prevent injuries.

Clean, Clean, And Clean Some More: It’s An Ongoing Winter Chore

  • Shoveling
  • Wipe up sludge and messes as soon as you spot them.
  • Dry wet floors immediately.
  • Vacuum rugs and carpets several times per day.
  • Get your carpet cleaned as needed.
  • Mop your floors during slow times of the day. Dry them so they are not slippery.
  • Have a commercial cleaning company come in to clean your floors with products that won’t harm them.

Maintain Your Efforts Throughout The Winter Season

  • Continue with your regular commercial cleaning and scheduled maintenance.
  • Joseph Lewitin, a flooring expert, says to consider using a humidifier if you have wood floors. The cold, dry air causes the wood to shrink and moisture can get in the gaps, possibly leading to mold and mildew.
  • Use a mild floor cleaner at least once a week to keep your finish shiny and fresh.

Snow and ice should stay outside, but it doesn’t. If you can prevent some of the mess it causes, do. If you need some extra help with the cleaning, contact Image One Facility Solutions at 630.616.1010 or visit our website.