Take Advantage of Image One’s Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Image One is ranked by Franchise Business Review as a top 2016 commercial cleaning franchise opportunity. Image One has nearly 100 commercial cleaning businesses in the Midwest, and is planning to start franchises in more cities. With almost triple digit franchises and growing, Image One offers attractive benefits to their franchise investors, which this article will outline.

Minimal Overhead Costs

Owning a franchise with Image One is more affordable than you think. Getting started as an owner with Image One only costs $29,750 – $103,208. Once the investment level has been covered, the royalty fee is a modest 10%. Combine this small overhead cost with no office space requirement, and you will find Image One to be a wise investment. Also, consider the lower advertising cost of franchising with Image One: with customer accounts originating from referrals and word of mouth, budgeting for large advertising costs won’t be an issue.

Flexible Schedule

Few companies offer their franchisees a flexible work schedule. Image One is one of those few. Not having to work late into the evening and the future possibility of a self-supporting franchise are a couple flexible aspects of Image One.

A Wealth of Support

Image One utilizes the 6 module Franchisee Success Strategy to train franchisees in every area of their business. The franchisee’s benefits are to become a well-trained Image One owner providing successful service and business multiplication. The client’s benefits are customer satisfaction and retention. Image One has low turnover rates because of their support team; the average span of an Image One franchise owner is over 5 years.

The Potential for High Income

The simple and low overhead costs with Image One produce a high income potential for franchisees. Since you have the flexibility to add as many customers as your employees can maintain, you have the opportunity to grow your income.

Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Image One is rapidly growing and will continue providing the outstanding support and development for all franchisees. Your success is our success! To learn more about a Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity with Image One, call 630.616.1010 or visit Image One Franchise today.