Image One Assists a New Business Owner with Attracting Clientele

Image One Assists a New Business Owner with Attracting Clientele

Don’t be scared of startups. While many face the challenge of building a business as an entrepreneurial lone ranger, Image One assists you in the commercial cleaning franchise industry. Image One is with you from the beginning of the process and for the rest of your time as a new business owner. With Image One’s help, you can build a successful business.

Whereas you might find this a difficult task, Image One makes it simple. Here’s how you will be supported as an Image One new business owner:

Initial New Business Owner Support

The equipment and supplies you need to begin working as a franchisee are completely covered by Image One. You’ll also receive marketing components and a free iPad, which will help navigate the Image One app. These costs are included in your initial franchise fee.

Access to a Sales and Administrate Department

Client growth results in business growth. At Image One, franchisees are not left on their own to find clients. Along with granting some of your leads, Image One teaches you sales and marketing skills. Also, a sales department functions to seek new clientele for you.

The administrative department is in charge of your billing paperwork and payment collection.

Providing Possible Leads

Referrals and word-of-mouth is the primary way franchisees receive clientele. Therefore, utilizing advance marketing tactics to gain more clientele won’t be necessary.

Training in the Art of Marketing

Image One guides new business owners along their business model and helps launch them off into their own business. Franchisees of Image One receive IntelliClean instruction, which molds anyone into a knowledgeable Image One business partner. According to Image One, franchisee education shouldn’t stop after the newness to the company wears off, but should continue to refine the franchisee’s skills over the duration of ownership. Also, as an Image One partner, negotiating fees or cleaning project proposals won’t be an issue.

Your hard earned money goes to you when you own your own business. Image One shapes franchisees into successful bosses.