How to Build a Successful Cleaning Franchise Anywhere

How to Build a Successful Cleaning Franchise Anywhere

If your are considering opening a a cleaning franchise, then you’d be choosing a great career as its both profitable and flexible. The start-up costs are low and the demand for commercial cleaning services continue to rise. If managed correctly, the profit margins are great.

One should have a clear vision to carve a niche in this industry and ensure the start-up blossoms. Even though the franchisor may be available to offer training, marketing and other support, one should observe a couple of things when starting up.

Steps to Follow When Setting up a Cleaning Franchise

1. Decide on the Type of Cleaning Business to Start

According to Lucy Wayment of startups, cleaning services are of three main types: residential, commercial, and specialized. Residential cleaning involves cleaning people’s homes. Commercial cleaning has to do with cleaning offices and other business premises (i.e. lobby, meeting area, entrance/exit). Lastly, specialized cleaning presents one with many niches such as vehicle cleaning, window cleaning, schools, and more.

The cleaning type to choose depends on one’s skills set, the type of cleaning that the franchisor offers and the market demand in the target area.

2. Research the Potential Market

One should research the market and demographic to establish whether people in the area have the financial capability to pay for cleaning services. It’s also worth checking out what the competition charges to ensure a competitive pricing point. Some company’s who have a franchise program will offer a free information kit so you can review important information.

3. Train Perpetually

Investing in ongoing training is the best way to master the cleaning business. The great news is most franchisors are willing to train those starting up until they succeed, and many offer continued training. According to Eddy Goldberg of, franchisors provide useful information including the start-up cost, ongoing expenses and the expected revenue.

Although starting up, can take up one’s time, it’s essential to set aside time for training. Continuous training enlightens the franchisee on the latest trends in the cleaning industry, giving the business owner a competitive advantage over others.

4. Equipment and Crew

One should create a list of equipment needed such as vacuum cleaner, equipment trolleys, sweeping machine, transportation, and more. The franchisor may help one to find the best equipment at affordable prices, simplifying the whole process.

Starting a franchise is less-complicated especially when there’s full support from the franchisor in terms of marketing, administrative support, and training.

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