Four Things to Know When Opening Your Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Four Things to Know When Opening Your Commercial Cleaning Franchise

The demand for commercial cleaning services is on the rise. However, clients will want the assurance that the cleaning service is trustworthy and that the cleaners will leave their premises tidy and organized.

When opening a cleaning franchise, it’s important to keep certain facts in mind.

What to Know When Starting a Cleaning Franchise

1. Training is Invaluable

There’s so much to the cleaning business, from how to handle customers to how to use cleaning equipment. Even if one will bring employees on board, investing in training to know every aspect of the business is essential.

Acquiring training isn’t hard since franchisors usually provide continuous education to ensure their franchisees excel.

2. Brand Image is Everything

The franchisor may have spent years to establish a robust cleaning business, and the new franchise owner will reap the benefits because most people already know and trust the business name. However, a small mistake can easily jeopardize what has taken years to build. To ensure everyone wins, the new franchise owner should work hand-in-hand with the franchisor and ask questions where necessary.

3. Minimal Overhead Costs

According to a contributor on Forbes, the overhead costs of a cleaning franchise are low. While investing in equipment and supplies may require space, a garage or any off-site location will still work. Employees can then access the equipment and proceed to work. Besides, many customers will originate from word-of-mouth promotion and referrals. Therefore, the advertising costs shouldn’t be high.

4. Expect Little Interaction with Customers

After the initial account set-up, customers will rarely initiate contact, provided the employees continue to offer satisfactory cleaning services. This is common in office cleaning services where cleaning work starts after employees have gone home.

A commercial cleaning franchise is profitable and easy to start than. The franchisor offers help in terms of training, advertising, and the purchase of supplies and equipment.

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