Top Tips for Spot Cleaning Office Spaces

Top Tips for Spot Cleaning Office Spaces

What’s more distracting than having an unorganized office? How about having an office that has dust, paper scraps, and smelly food particles in the garbage.

A properly cleaned office improves the creativity and productivity of employees and can positively impact the health of your staff (because your office is properly sanitized). Most importantly, it improves a company’s reputation and image. So, if you notice that you have some shredded paper scraps under the cubicles or dust and finger prints layered on top of the computer monitors, now may be the time to take action. Hiring a professional cleaning company ensures consistent cleanliness throughout the office. But, it helps to keep the office tidy during work hours, when your cleaning crew isn’t around. To maintain a clean work environment throughout the day,we’ve provided some top spot cleaning tips:

  • Keep your office closet stocked with office cleaning supplies such as glass cleaner, dusting spray, microfiber wipes, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, tissue and dry-erase board cleaning spray.
  • Wipe your keyboard and monitor daily with special keyboard wipes (you can find them at your local office supply store), especially if you sometimes eat lunch and/or snack at your desk. More and more employees are opting out of taking lunch breaks and eating at their desk.
  • Clean your office phone and desk frequently by using a disinfectant wipe. You can also use a cotton ball and dip it in rubbing alcohol to wipe down the dial pad.
  • Take care of any office plants. Remove dry and shedding leaves, water on a consistent basis, and watch for signs of decay.
  • To avoid clutter, limit the number of items on your desk. This means that anything that you don’t use frequently should be placed in another location — such as empty drawers, cabinets, etc.
  • Spot clean behind your furniture as well. It’s easy to remember to clean the surroundings of the office and forget to clean what you use most — your furniture (chair, lamp, guest chairs, etc.). Your clients and prospects will thank you for having them sit in a clean and sanitized chair.

Because of the fast-paced environment of a professional office setting, most companies opt to hire professionals. An office appearance is extremely important to a company’s credibility. All of our franchisees of Image One Facility Solutions are regularly trained on new techniques, products and equipment to ensure your office remains a clean, healthy and productive environment.