Keeping Your Building Squeaky Clean During Construction Upgrades

Keeping Your Building Squeaky Clean During Construction Upgrades

As time passes, something always ends up drooping, fading, or peeling; whether it’s the plants in the garden, cracking tile, or the lackluster color of 1970’s interior décor, change has to come. However, change can be messy.

For a company with remodeling on the horizon, things can get especially tricky. How does one keep a business running when things are coming apart left and right? How does one keep building guests from injuring themselves from slippery floors?

Here are three simple tips for keeping the construction zone squeaky clean and as unnoticeable as possible.

Corral On Up

What do free spirits and dust have in common? They imageoneusalike to roam. Any time construction is involved, the dust and dirt will be right behind. As a business, it’s important to keep a tight reign on the spread of dirt, confining it solely to the work area.

This helps the business maintain a professional air while cutting down on the risk of injury. After all, adding dust to any waxed floor creates an indoor skating rink.

Make sure a plan is in place to contain the mess before construction starts.

Cover Up

Make sure all immovable objects and furniture are covered up with a heavy duty cloth or equivalent. Fine dust will destroy a wood finish as well as penetrate any exposed crack or crevice, leaving a lingering dust even long after the construction has been completed.

Tidy Up

At the end of every day, make sure a thorough cleaning is performed on floors, windows, doors, desks, and other surfaces. This will reduce the dirt and spread of debris, as well as protect the floors from scratching. There’s no telling where the dust will find itself otherwise!

Bring In Professionals

During remodeling, it’s important to keep up a professional, high-quality presentation. The public has very little forgiveness when it comes to unnecessary dirt. If tidying up at the end of the day sounds like too much hassle, feel free to contact Image One, a cleaning specialist during renovations. Offering both commercial and office cleanings, Image One is your trusted cleaning source. Contact us via phone at 630-616-1010, or visit our website.