Keeping Classrooms Clean is Paramount to Student’s Health

Keeping Classrooms Clean is Paramount to Student’s Health

Even the most wonderful summers cannot prevent the looming autumn and winter from approaching. Seasons come and seasons go. All one can do is prepare for what’s next.

With this wonderful changing of the seasons comes the return of children back into their schools; little minds are enlivened as knowledge abounds. Unfortunately, as children re-enter their learning arenas, knowledge is not the only thing that abounds. Germs are everywhere—and they’re being shared daily.

How To Stop Spread Of Viruses

Sickness is inevitable. However, several steps can be taken to prevent the spread of viruses. According to Pat Nicholson, “Wiping door handles and frames, walls and counters that are touched by hundreds of hands every day with an effective sanitizer and a microfiber towel will limit the spread of viruses.” It is very important to wipe down all available surfaces wherever a pair of hands can reach so can reduce the number of germs.

In a study done by the Clorox Company in Oakland, CA, it was shown that consistently wiping down desks and washing hands keeps a cleaner and healthier atmosphere. The germs causing different gastrointestinal infections were shown to pass easily from hand to hand, and could last anywhere from several hours to days on existing surfaces.

Minimize Germ Magnets

Custodians and property managers work hard to keep the schools clean, but even they can become overwhelmed. It’s important to support them by cleaning classroom surfaces when they’re off duty. Along with this, minimizing objects that attract germs within the classroom can also be helpful. Objects such as bean bag chairs, sofas, and rugs are all magnets for dust, dirt, and germs.

Bring In Artillery

Although preventing every child from getting sick is impossible, cutting down the potential for germs to thrive is a very achievable task. Help support the education of our children by preventing the spread of viruses. If aid in school cleaning is needed, feel free to contact Image One via phone (630-616-1010) or by visiting the website.