Do Your Research Before Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Do Your Research Before Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

There’s an inexplicable bond between mothers and their newborns; for the longest time, all they can do is hold the little bundle and stare in fascination. Very few other people are trusted enough by mom to gain holding access. If anything threatens the child, clear the area—momma bear is coming out.

The same can be said for a family-owned business or corporation. A space where people work, learn, and grow is to be cherished, protected, and well looked after. A random person should not gain access to the place where people put hours into their craft is centered.

As life gets crazy, many people are now turning to professional cleaning services. With a projected 13% job increase over the next seven years, cleaning services will only continue to grow.

It’s important to know a few things about the service behind the cleaning before you start making decisions about who to hire.

Be In The Know

Before hiring any cleaning service, here are seven questions that should be answered:

  1. Is the company insured?

Three key components to check for are liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and a dishonesty bond. This way, if anything goes wrong, it will be covered.

  1. Will employees or independent contractors be doing the cleaning?

Many companies are turning to independent contractors. This may seem like a small detail, however, if a business hires out independent contractors they tend to have less control over them as an employee. A company tends to have tighter reigns and higher expectations for permanent employees.

  1. What does the pre-employment process look like?

Make sure the employer knows exactly who they’re sending out to do the job. It is perfectly acceptable to ask if a company has conducted a thorough criminal background check.

  1. Who’s cleaning the area? Individuals or a team?

It’s important to know who’s doing the cleaning. If it’s an individual, are they honest? Are there proper checks and balances in place? If there’s a team of cleaners, will there be a trained leader on site at all times? Make sure they know what they’re doing

  1. Do they undergo a formal training program?

The more professional a company is, the more stock they’ll place in their employees. Make sure those doing the cleaning go through a formal training program. This way, cleanings will be more persistent and of a higher quality.

  1. What are the expectations and what’s included?

Before hiring a company, make sure expectations are known. Go over exactly what is included in the cleaning and make known any particular areas needing attention.

  1. What kinds of cleaning products are going to be used?

Many companies nowadays feel a push to “go green” with their cleaning products. Finding a cleaning service that’s caught this drift is important. Green products are safer and non-harmful to the work and home space. They clean the dirt without the harmful chemicals used in other cleaners.

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You’ve built your business or corporation from the ground up. Keeping the space clean and professional should be near the top of your list. Don’t allow that to be trashed or destroyed by angry customers or unwanted visitors. Visit our Image One homepage or call 630-616-1010 for a free cleaning quote.