Commercial Cleaners Wield the Power to Remove Stingy Office Bacteria

Commercial Cleaners Wield the Power to Remove Stingy Office Bacteria

Unless someone lives a life paralleling the TV show “Hoarders,” everyone tends to have a semi-functional clean gene. This gene is what kicks in when the holidays hit and property owners realize they haven’t cleaned their building or suites in two months, or when a client unexpectedly drops by and suddenly the state of the office becomes all too apparent. Whether or not cleaning took place last week or a too many weeks ago to count, it’s a chore that must be shared by all.

The Secret Life of Germs

Nowadays, the average person spends eight hours a day or more in an office. This equals 33% of one’s day. If keeping a clean living space is considered beneficial to one’s health, should not the office receive the same treatment? According to Feazel, “Humans move through a sea of microbial life that is seldom perceived…”

What does Feazel mean by this? Billions of germs cover every surface that man comes into contact with every day; some good, some bad. But you don’t have to put up with it—and if your health and well-being are a priority, then you shouldn’t do so.

Green Products Clean Without Harmful Chemicals

With so many advancements in the field of professional cleaning, there are many options available to the average office owner. Many commercial cleaners now provide services to the individual as well as to the company, and these cleaning companies come in all shapes and sizes. However, it’s important to look for a company that provides green cleaning products. These products not only contain the power to remove stubborn office bacteria, but they’re also free from harmful chemicals. This leaves the freshly cleaned office void of bacteria as well as poisonous substances.

Don’t Just Sit There

Whether or not the oft-quoted saying “The main ingredient in hand-sanitizer is paranoia” is true, germs are still abundant—and they’re here to stay. Chances are you have a good reason to be paranoid when it comes to the cleanliness of your home or office space. You don’t want your office becoming the party room for germs and bacteria. If you desire to become germ free, or simply learn more about the services we provide, give us a call at 630-616-1010, or visit Image One’s homepage.