Cleaning Products at Your Office Could Be Triggering Health Issues

Cleaning Products at Your Office Could Be Triggering Health Issues

Studies have shown that workers constantly exposed to cleaning chemicals can suffer from a wide range of medical conditions, including respiratory problems, eye irritation, skin rashes and burns, headaches and dizziness, nose bleeds, and even cancer.

So it goes without saying that it’s wise to evaluate the products that are used to clean your work environment.

The Importance of Quality Air

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has stated that indoor air quality is a top five environmental risk to public health?

The EPA has found that 95% of chemical ingredients in commercial cleaners include cancer-causing chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene derivatives, and more. The American Lung Association has cited studies that link chemicals in cleaning products to causing asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Although manufacturers argue that chemicals in cleaning products are so minor that they aren’t harmful, several government agencies and non-profit organizations have conducted studies that show otherwise. Cleaning products have been known to cause acute, immediate or long-term health effects with repeated exposure at home or in work environments.

Ensure a Healthy Work Environment

With all of the health concerns of cleaning products, we at Image One Facility Solutions have made it our top priority to provide our customers with a safe and efficient commercial cleaning service. All of our cleaning products are all-natural and green, with no toxic chemicals. While traditional cleaners pose health risks, our products meet strict standards for inhalation toxicity and skin absorption.

Too few American businesses realize the health risks that they face every day at work due to dangerous cleaning products and uninformed cleaning staff. Image One is your solution, providing your workplace with a healthier environment and better air quality, with safer products and expert staff to offer you high-performance, low-risk cleaning products and services to fit your needs.

Give us a call today and let us get you and your employees a great and healthy work life today!