14 Common Misconceptions about Commercial Cleaning

14 Common Misconceptions about Commercial Cleaning

Many small business owners choose to simply vacuum their carpet or use some do-it-yourself cleaning products to clean their floor surfaces, carpets, desks and other areas. While it seems like a good, low-cost idea, it actually does more damage than good, especially if a trained and experienced janitor isn’t hired to do it. So, why opt for professional commercial cleaning? Because most people clean their offices wrongly and use chemicals that can be detrimental to a carpet’s life, destroy hard floor surfaces and continue to let bacteria breed even after cleaning.

Common Misconceptions About Commercial Cleaning:

  • Commercial cleaning is costly – Companies that specialize in commercial cleaning also specialize in working around your budget and providing the best option to business owners. Based on the type of commercial space (restaurant, office, school, retail store, etc.), the surface area to be cleaned and the frequency of cleaning, a reasonable price is stated by most professional janitors.
  • Commercial cleanings will leave an office smelling of bleach and disinfectant – This kind of thinking couldn’t be more false as many carpet cleaning companies specialize in using environmentally-friendly products. This leaves the commercial space smelling fresh, clean with no lingering bleach or disinfectant odor.
  • Anyone can use store-bought chemicals to clean carpets – A business owner who chooses to do this is inhibiting the life of their carpet. Using the wrong cleaning products that aren’t of the right PH level can considerably destroy it, reduce the carpet’s shine and even lead to discoloration.
  • Vacuuming an office is enough – Vacuuming will only remove superficial dirt. What floor surfaces and carpet really needs is deep cleaning, one which lasts longer and leaves the floors squeaky clean.
  • Commercial cleaners are just as good as a regular cleaning staff – Janitors and cleaners who focus on spring-cleaning commercial establishments are not only experts in their field but are highly trained. Several janitors come with years, even decades, of experience. A regular cleaning staff isn’t equipped to clean every crevice in an office.
  • Hard floors don’t need cleaning – Hard floors, especially concrete, need frequent maintenance and cleaning. Hardwood flooring won’t clean itself and accumulates dirt, debris and can eventually lose its coating.
  • Cleaning should be done when upholstery looks dirty – Well before furniture, floors and upholstery begin to look dirty, it wears and tears due to constant use. Fabric surfaces already start to breakdown before looking grimy. This creates a lasting damage if it isn’t regularly cleaned.
  • Sprinkling deodorizer is good enough – deodorizers contain talcum powder that won’t dissolve in water. Once the water dries, noticeable white stains will be visible on carpets and other fabrics, which can’t be removed by simple washing.
  • There is no customer support with commercial cleaners – most cleaning organizations provide round-the-clock support with a ready response to emergency calls within two hours. Our staff are ready to answer your phone calls or emails regarding service questions, cleaning suggestions, and free quotes.
  • Replacing carpets and furniture is a better alternative to cleaning – Not only is this more expensive but still leaves your office swarming with germs. It’s best to properly clean your rugs now to save money in the long run.
  • Inviting outside cleaners leaves my organization vulnerable to security theft – Janitors in many companies respect their clients privacy and security, especially if employees are business owners such as in a franchise. Employees will not enter restricted areas, and will only clean rooms outlined on the signed contract.
  • Cleaning is a one-time investment – Cleaning is a process rather than an event and many janitorial service firms offer flexible, comprehensive, and low-budget cleaning programs. Think of it this way – when you purchase a car, do you wash it just once, or multiple times over the course of your ownership? Office cleaning is the same way.
  • There are no personalized plans available – Contrary to popular belief, several companies (including Image One) offer customized cleaning plans as per the office space, cleaning requirements, frequency and chosen service.
  • Commercial cleaning isn’t viable – Not only does a flawless office create a favorable first impression, it is provides an aura of professionalism, credibility and contributes to worker productivity.

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