4 Ways to Impress Clients with Your Lobby

4 Ways to Impress Clients with Your Lobby

Imagine having a prospective client walk thru your lobby en route to a meeting in the building and they are welcomed to an unpleasant sight.

Trash is overflowing from various waste baskets. The beautiful marble floor is covered with foot tracks from the nasty weather outside. Many of the lightbulbs are dying casting a shadow over the area. The carpet runners leading to the elevators are filled with salt and other road debris left by footwear.

Not very welcoming, right?

What if you could prevent that without lifting a finger? We are Image One, a reputable commercial cleaning company located in Wood Dale IL serving the Midwest. We know first impressions can make or break a deal, so why chance someone walking into the lobby of your building and experiencing an unpleasant sight?

We will:

  1. Steam and deep clean all carpeting
  2. Ensure all windows and mirrors are shimmering and streak free
  3. Clean and polish (if applicable) your flooring to a beautiful shine
  4. Empty trash bins and replace bins when necessary

Our professional staff know how to complete the job to clients’ satisfaction. If you or someone you know is in need of professional cleaning services, please call (630) 616-1010 and speak with one of our customer service representatives today. We offer a free, no obligation cleaning analysis available 363 days per year.