The Top 5 Products for Removing Office Carpet Stains

The Top 5 Products for Removing Office Carpet Stains

It is not easy to get a stain out of a carpet, and its even harder without the proper carpet cleaning solution. But, have no fear, there are always ways to get those stains out without having to replace your carpeting.

5 Products that Also Work on Carpets

Here are five really great ways to remove carpet stains without having to own carpet cleaner.

  1. Iron it out

Take a towel dampened with a solution of three parts water, one part vinegar and place the damp towel over the stain and carefully heat the towel with the iron. The stain should absorb into the towel.

  1. Squeegee for pet owners

Pet fur might not technically be a stain, but when it gets in the carpet it can be just as hard to remove. For offices with this problem, try a squeegee. It just might get that fur up even where other methods have failed.

  1. Baking soda and vinegar

To do this one, make sure to start with the vinegar. Pour some vinegar over the stain, and only then sprinkle some baking soda over it.

Give it a few minutes to bubble, and then wipe and vacuum.

  1. Dish detergent

For a simple fix, mix a ¼ tsp of liquid dish detergent for every cup of warm water used. Scrub it into the stain. Vacuum any residues left behind.

  1. Window cleaner

When access to a carpet cleaning machine exists, take equal parts window cleaner and warm water and add it to the machine. Clean the carpet. When it is dry, vacuum.

Cleaning Up Shop

Having a bad stain on a carpet can cause some stress, especially when clients visit for a meeting. But it doesn’t have to. It can be easily removed just with the products laying around the office.