When to Hire a Professional Cleaner for your Office

When to Hire a Professional Cleaner for your Office

With the 2015 calendar year off to a quick start now is the time to think about hiring a professional cleaner for your office space who’s nearby. We’ve outlined some of the reasons below for you…

1) Always having a clean office space. There’s nothing worse than bringing a client in for a meeting or conducting an interview and having them notice a messy or cluttered office area. There’s no shame in hiring a cleaning team for simple tasks such as emptying the garbage, wiping crumbs, vacuuming, and ensuring windows are fingerprint free. You’re also guaranteed regular visits by agreeing to and signing a contract.

2) Previous experience easy to find. Most well-known companies will have professionally trained staff in the cleaning industry with years of experience who can offer advice and suggestions for keeping your area clean.

3) They have equipment that is simply too expensive. Did you know that top of the line professional carpet cleaning systems are in the $2k range? Did you know an advanced buffer floor cleaning machine ranges in the $1k range? Maybe you had no idea a carpet spray jet machine was upwards of $1,500? Most business do not have the money to fork over or the time needed for employees to be trained. But, we do!

4) Professional cleaning companies are fully insured. Let’s face it, accidents happen. Someone may bump into a table holding a lamp your grandmother gave you. Or someone drops an item on your glass table and causes a crack. Either way you look at it, hiring a professional cleaning service who is fully insured will give you peace of mind.

5) Customized cleaning plan for you. Most companies nowadays know one size does not fit all. Having a custom plan to meet your specific needs is a must, otherwise you’re paying for services not needed. Speak with your account manager to see which services will and will not fit in your budget.

Hiring a professional cleaning service does not have to be stressful. In fact, it should be quite the opposite. Conduct your research correctly to find the right service that fits your need, and let them take over.