Keeping the Office Tidy in Between Cleanings

Keeping the Office Tidy in Between Cleanings

Providing a clean workplace benefits both your employees and the impression you leave on clients that visit your office. Cleanliness makes workers more productive, happier and less likely to become ill. It also puts clients at ease and makes you look very professional. If your office is being commercially cleaned, but not every day, there are ways to help keep the office tidy in between cleanings.

Provide a Designated Break Area and Discourage Eating at Desks
Eating at a desk usually used for work can lead to messy surfaces, food stained paperwork and crumbs that attract bugs. Discourage employees from keeping or eating food at their desk and provide a proper break room instead.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum with Organized Paperwork
It’s easier to clean surfaces when they aren’t covered with paperwork. Furthermore, cluttered paperwork and boxes of files lying about make your office look disorganized. Have a file storage system in place and use off-site storage if a lot of paperwork must be kept. One of the easiest ways to cut down on office paperwork is to digitize documents and use an online file storage system.

Disinfect Office Equipment
Desk phones and computer keyboards can easily spread illnesses, especially during flu season. Wipe them down with a mild disinfectant each day. This will keep your work area germ free and will also freshen the smell of the area at the same time.

Empty Trash and Recycle Bins
Make sure to empty the trash and recycle bins each night. This will take away smells and make the office look less cluttered. If you had a daily cleaning service they would empty all the bins everyday so make sure you do the same. Don’t forget any small wastebaskets in the common areas and the trash in the bathrooms.

Clean Common Areas Nightly
Make sure the break room is wiped down and all items left out have been put away each night before closing. If there is a sink clear out all dishes. It is especially important to straighten up the lobby and keep it smelling fresh and clean as well. This is your “first impression space” and you want everyone to be entering your office with a smile on their face.