Keeping Carpets Clean Great for Employees’ Health

Keeping Carpets Clean Great for Employees’ Health

More often than not employees keep up positive morale by daydreaming about pay raises, soon-to-be benefits, and future vacations. But they are also thinking about their health when they arrive at the office in the morning.
Nothing is worse than having to routinely work in conditions that merit a call to the facilities operational manager about fading, stained, or an odor-stricken carpet.

Do you have office pets that routinely roam around, laying their dirty bodies in the most trafficked areas? If so, how often do you vacuum those areas? Allergies and other reactions can cause employees to miss several days of work, costing you money.

How often do you have a client visit the office for an important meeting? A well-maintained and clean work environment will make your customers feel confident working with. They will also feel confident they can count on you to handle their issues.

A regular cleaning program preserves and protects your buildings assets including carpets, floors, tile surfaces, and other equipment. It prevents excessive wear and extends lifespans while keeping your employees healthy when coming in to work.