Winter Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Work Space Healthy

Winter Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Work Space Healthy

Offices are germy.

They harbor bacteria that you can’t see, and sometimes disinfecting your work space isn’t a priority, like it would be in a typical office setting with scheduled commercial cleaning. When you combat these germs to keep your work space healthy, you can keep from using all your sick days.

Don’t Just Tidy Your Space: Disconnect, Disinfect And Really Clean

  • For Your Computer: Use a can of compressed air (available at any office supply store) to force dust out from behind the keys. Use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to wipe in between the keys and a microfiber cloth to clean the rest of your keyboard. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe down the monitor, printer and any other hard surface in the office.
  • For Bookshelves/Cabinets: Remove your books and files and dust each shelf and drawer thoroughly. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe down any dusty items. This is a great time to purge old paper files, too.
  • For Your Desk Accessories: Disinfect your desk, phone, mouse, stapler, tape dispenser, and any other item on your desk. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist and coauthor of The Germ Freak’s Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu, recommends using a disinfectant wipe.
  • For Your Carpet: Vacuum daily, not just when your carpet shows dirt. If your carpet gets stained from pets or a spill, schedule a professional carpet cleaning.

After you’ve cleaned your office, put a reminder in your calendar to repeat the deep cleaning routine weekly. This will keep germs at a minimum and will keep your space tidy and clean.

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