Clorox Administers Survey to Find Office Infection Hot Spots

Clorox Administers Survey to Find Office Infection Hot Spots

As the flu season starts to ramp up, this is the right time to remember that in addition to vaccinations, common cleaning practices are effective in preventing the spread of germs, influenza and the common cold.

Recently, a survey conducted by Clorox Professional Products Company revealed that just over 110 million workdays a year are lost to the flu. That adds up to approximately $7 billion in lost productivity and sick days every year. What’s more, it’s been reported that the common cold is the number one reason children miss school and adults skip work.

Flu viruses can survive on a hard surface for as long as 48 hours, so it’s essential that touched surfaces are disinfected to prevent germs transmitting. To ensure this, cleaning professionals use commercial cleaning products that are Environmental Protection Agency registered in order to kill the illness-inducing germs.

Where are Germ Hot Spots Usually Found?

Germ hot spots in the office are usually found:

  • In the kitchen around sponges, mugs, kitchen taps, microwave buttons, dish towels and even the kettle’s on/off switch.
  • At your desk around the computer keyboard, phone receiver and keypad, mouse and any other electronic switches and on/off buttons.
  • In the bathroom at the toilet flush lever, soap dispensers and handy dryer buttons.
  • Throughout the office on cupboard and door handles, light switches, knobs, floors, lift buttons and other surfaces.

Germ hot spots are those spots we frequently touch and use. They require very careful attention when cleaning as they’re usually where you will find the most harmful illness-causing bacteria, such as the influenza virus, the common cold and other infectious diseases.

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