The Evolution of Cleaning Companies Over the Past Decade

The Evolution of Cleaning Companies Over the Past Decade

Throughout history, thousands of family-owned cleaning operations have successfully become a publicly traded company. The very first commercial cleaning company came out of Oklahoma in 1968, when a college student named Jim Cavanaugh decided to market his services to the local area. He later developed a business and a franchise model that now boasts over 12,000 locations.

Several advancements for cleaning companies have been presented and utilized in the last ten years and we review some of them below:

Better Technologies

Equipment and supplies for various cleaning endeavors have advanced in the last decade, but nowhere as much as in the field of carpet cleaning. There are numerous ways to clean carpets, as seen on to Wikipedia, but new developments continue to improve effectiveness.

Advancements in chemical development have lead to new technologies that are safer and easier to use. Green technologies, in particular, can help save money and lessen the impact of commercial cleaning on the environment.

Emphasis on Safety and Hygiene

Cleanliness is not just about appearance. Although clean facilities do help give a client a good first impression of a business, they also boost both safety and hygiene. These ways include:

  • Keeping tile floors from becoming slippery or sticky
  • Removing allergens and other pollen from carpeting
  • Cleaning glass doors and windows to lessen the transfer of germs
  • Inspecting glass doors and windows while cleaning to ensure they are stable and safe to use

Specialized Cleaning Services

Today’s professional cleaning companies can offer specialized service technicians with dedicated skills, training, and equipment. They can tailor services to meet the needs of each individual business or industrial facility.

In addition, these service technicians take pride in their work. They are not merely earning a paycheck, but making a difference in and contributing to the appearance and aesthetic of a workplace environment.

Easier to Grow

Cleaning companies with high standards and a good business model can offer individuals excellent franchise opportunities. Corporate offices will always need to be cleaned, and you can help meet that need in your area by opening a franchise location. Are you interested in owning a business as an Image One franchisee? Learn more by visiting us online or calling 630-616-1010 today.