Statistics and Facts of the Unknown Office Germs

Statistics and Facts of the Unknown Office Germs

When you arrive at your workplace, can you take a guess how many different objects you touch in an hour? The list probably includes a door handle, a keyboard, a desk, the kitchen refrigerator, the coffee pot.

Normally custodial staff members are responsible for cleaning common areas, but most will not clean an individual’s desk. We do. You’re probably not thinking about germ statistics as you eat your afternoon snack; about 20% of workers never clean their desk before eating, while 75% of workers wipe down “only occasionally”.

For more interesting (and probably gross) statistics, please see our infographic below (source: Compucare):

why does equipment become dirty infographic

If your office has not been properly cleaned and sanitized in a while, consider hiring a reputable professional cleaning company who cleans EVERYTHING and leaves nothing untouched.