A Professional Cleaning is Mandatory for Employees and Clients Alike

A Professional Cleaning is Mandatory for Employees and Clients Alike

In your office building, is there a patch of tile floor that is sticky or a carpeted conference room that makes everyone sneeze? Maybe you’ve got a kitchen that hasn’t been deep cleaned in several months (if not ever?) or a desk that looks like it just came from a garbage dump.

This is not only demeaning to your company’s image, but poses several health risks to your employees and clients. Improve hygiene and client comfort by scheduling a professional cleaning today.

Making a Spotless First Impression

Have you rated a restaurant or business based on the cleanliness of its bathrooms? Upscale restaurants may earn more “points” for a special ambiance or features, while shops or businesses could lose a customer’s esteem based on the state of their restrooms. The overall cleanliness of a building, not just the bathrooms, makes a huge impact on a client’s impression of the business and could impact a businesses online presence.

Maintaining Carpets and Windows

Two areas that clients most notice are carpeting and windows. Regular, proper cleaning will not only enhance the facility or conference room but also increase the life of your flooring and windows. Having the staff vacuum the carpet may seem like enough, but take a closer look.

The floor may appear to be OK, but it is likely trapping dirt, dust, allergens, and hair that you cannot see. Improve both hygiene and appearance by having your carpets professionally deep-cleaned on a regular basis.

According to Shannon Antinori for Angie’s List, having professionals clean your company’s windows can help by:

  • Working efficiently as well as effectively
  • Removing and preventing insect infestations
  • Finding the cause of spots
  • Extending the life of glass doors and windows

Certain industrial structures and commercial buildings may have unique cleaning requirements, which is why it’s best to call in specialists with the right knowledge, skill, and equipment to handle your facilities.

Experiencing Customized Care

Do your facilities include a large carpeted or tiled lobby, mirrored elevators, or a patch of wall everyone always seems to lean against? Do you need after-hours or weekend cleaning services to avoid interrupting regular business activity? Or, do you need cleaning services more often in the winter than in the summer? Image One Chicago offers customized cleaning services and schedules to meet your exact needs. For more information about Image One Chicago commercial cleaning or franchise opportunities, call us at 630-616-1010 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.