Convey a Strong First Impression with Cleanliness

Convey a Strong First Impression with Cleanliness

Ensure Your Office Sends the Right Message

For professionals working in medical care or sales, a strong first impression is vital. Such careers require a considerable amount of trust from current and potential clientele. This is why it’s so highly advised that such professionals take pride in their looks and maintain a clean cut image. But, is the same care given to your office? After all, in some cases your client or patient may see your office long before they see you, and if they arrive without an appointment they may have ample time to examine every inch of your space.

Your career is your priority and requires your time and attention, but do you really have time to tidy up? Would you do a sufficient job? Every detail of your office says something about you, isn’t it important that it says something positive?

It’s All About the Details

Clients will also take into account everything from the color of your carpet to the smell of the office space. Keeping this in mind, our team specializes in the use of green products, leaving your office with a fresh scent instead of an overwhelming bleach smell. Your client’s visit should be pleasing to the senses and all around comfortable.

We understand that businesses require money and everyone operates on their own budget, which is why we developed the IntelliClean system. Our IntelliClean program pairs your personal budget with the top ranking priorities for your office’s cleanliness, ensuring that you receive a thorough job without too much damage on your wallet.

Nothing But the Best

We have a highly trained staff of cleaners with knowledge on how to clean and organize every detail of your office for a highly professional image, every time. There is a unique difference between cleaning a home and cleaning an office space, and the two tasks should be treated differently. You want to send a message to your clients that not only are you highly trustworthy, but also disciplined, organized, and capable. This can be communicated through everything from the placement of a book collection to how your coffee table is decorated.