Stop The Spread Of Disease With Commercial Cleaning

Stop The Spread Of Disease With Commercial Cleaning

Surfacing cleaning alone in your office space will do little to stop the spread of disease among your employees. In fact, if done incorrectly you could even cross contaminate yourself into an epidemic. Fast spreading communicable viruses have been all over the news lately and the largest culprit of them all, the common flu virus, can bring your office to a grinding halt. In fact, the flu virus is responsible for over $87 Billion a year in lost productivity and medical bills in the US.

Many small companies struggle with justifying the cost of hiring a cleaning company. In addition to making the office presentable, the right type of cleaning can also help create a healthy environment for all employees. If you have been noticing that viruses spread like wild-fire throughout your company then improper cleaning might be the culprit.

First of all, commercial cleaners are experts at knowing what to clean and how to clean it. Due to repeated use, keyboards and telephones in an office can harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat. These items as well as other office tools and surfaces need to not only wiped down but completely disinfected. There should be a schedule for deep cleaning and replacement of these items over time.

Access to better quality cleaning products is another great benefit to hiring an outside company to do your cleaning. Your cleaning company should use EPA regulated hospital grade disinfectant to stop germs and bacteria from taking over. They will also have systems in place for preventing cross contamination between different areas of the office. For example, you don’t want to use the same rags to clean the bathroom, kitchen and lobby because you could be spreading germs from one area to another.

The office kitchen and appliances are another area that can easily spread viruses. While employees should be encouraged to clean up after themselves, commercial cleaning should also be utilized to clean tables, floors, dishes and appliances. Clean out the refrigerator and coffee pots regularly as well.

Other great tips to keeping your office virus-free are: implementing a stay-at-home policy for anyone exhibiting cold or flu symptoms and having alcohol-based hand sanitizing stations throughout the office. Hand washing and sanitizing can go a long way in helping to stop viruses from spreading as hand to face contact is one of the biggest risk factors.

Using commercial grade cleaning products and hiring a cleaning company to keep things tidy and disinfected will greatly help to cut down on employee sick time and loss of productivity. A company can easily reclaim the money spent on commercial cleaning with the elimination of so much downtime.