Carpet Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Carpet Looking Brand New All Year­Round

Carpet Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Carpet Looking Brand New All Year­Round

Most homeowners would agree that having new carpet installed in the home looks great, feels wonderfully plush under your feet, and adds value to a home. But as a homeowner, do you know how to properly care for and maintain your carpets so they have that “brand new” look and feel all year round?

In this article, you’re going to learn some great carpet care tips that will extend the lifespan of your carpet, keep it in like new condition for many years, and thusly save you lots of $$$ over the cost of having to replace it prematurely.

Tip #1: Use A High Quality Carpet Protectant Spray

While many homeowners choose to neglect the fact that a good carpet protectant spray can add years to the lifespan of a carpet, others have chosen to “cash in” on this great opportunity.

A good carpet protectant spray is able to prevent dirt and grime from adhering to carpet fibers, thereby eliminating any chance of permanent staining.
Also, danger from red wine, blood, grape juice, oil, and grease are also eliminated, as spills simply bead up and aren’t able to leave a stain! Scotchguard makes a great carpet protectant that’s received a very high review score at Amazon.

Tip #2: Use Carpet Mats/Rugs For High Traffic Areas

This is a simple carpet preservation tip you can use for all the high traffic areas in your home. For areas with frequent traffic, lots of mud and/or grime depositing from sneakers/boots, a good plastic carpet runner is a great idea. Not only do they keep the dirt/grime off your carpets, but they’re also very easy to clean outside with just a water hose.

But if it’s just carpet traffic protection you’re after, with no danger of dirt/mud/grease accumulating, then an attractive area rug would possibly be more appropriate.

Tip #3: Purchase A Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine And Clean Your Carpets Often

Carpet cleaning machines allow you to save money over the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaning team. For around $400, you can purchase a high quality carpet cleaning machine like the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine that will save you money over professional cleaning services all year round!

Your carpets will remain in pristine condition, and stay looking just like the day you originally had them installed.

Also, be aware that not all carpet cleaning solutions are created the same, and some solutions may perform better than others. For example, Bissell provides their own line of high performance carpet cleaning solution that’s highly rated in the Amazon review section.

Tip #4: Be Aware That New Carpets Vary Greatly In Quality – Choose The Right One!

In the event that you’re going to be installing new carpets in your home, you should know “right off the bat” that not all carpets are created equal in terms of performance and value. As a homeowner, make it your mission to DO YOUR RESEARCH and find out which carpets are currently offering the best combination of overall value and quality.

For example, a high quality stain resistant carpet will be more apt to resist stains than its cheaply designed competitors. Also, a carpet that’s designed with high quality fiber will be more likely to hold up to high traffic without wearing down prematurely.

Remember that reviews left by customers at online carpet stores can give you a great idea about the product quality and whether or not it will be a good fit for your home. Stainmaster is a good pick, and comes with stain resistant fibers and static prevention built in.

Tip #5: Vacuum Frequently And Never Pull Out A Loose Carpet Snag

Vacuuming often will prevent soil deposits from being “ground in” to the carpet through frequent walking. This helps to extend the life of your carpet significantly.
Also, if you encounter a loose carpet string/snag that’s come loose, DON’T pull it out! Resist that temptation, and instead use scissors to clip it down so the offending snag is no longer visible.

Finally, if treating a stubborn stain with spot-cleaning, spray on carpet solution, be sure to never grind or rub the carpet fibers too hard as you can damage them this way.