Benefits of a Healthy Work Environment

Benefits of a Healthy Work Environment

One of the largest expenses for businesses today is caused by downtime and health care related costs. One of the easiest ways to provide an environment that promotes health rather than puts it at risk is by switching to green cleaning products. You can save money by creating a safer working environment for everyone in your office. Take the necessary steps to make your company into a greener place work and you could reap the benefits of reduced healthcare costs and less sick time used per year.

While it is difficult to do heavy commercial cleaning without any chemicals, there are ways to greatly reduce their impact. Green cleaning products are made of ingredients that are more favorable to the environment and less toxic to humans. By not using harsh cleaning chemicals you can ultimately reduce sick time and many illnesses. Think of it this way, your employees spend 8-10 hours a day at work, this much exposure to toxic chemicals can have a profound effect on their health. They will appreciate your efforts to improve their working conditions.

Toxic chemicals can cause skin irritation, respiratory distress, asthma and other illnesses. Studies have shown that working in a clean environment increases productivity, happiness and health.

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In addition to making employees healthier and more productive, going green can also save you money as these products bought in bulk can often be less costly. The two savings combined can mean a huge recovery of funds for your company.

Green cleaning isn’t only about bottles full of less harmful chemicals but can also reference using high efficiency vacuum cleaners, HEPA filters, preventative maintenance and reusable materials. Many companies are getting educated on green cleaning and hiring cleaning companies that are experienced in green cleaning products and procedures.

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