Professional Cleanings Could Keep Office Infections to a Mininum

Professional Cleanings Could Keep Office Infections to a Mininum

Earlier this year (March to be specific) an Ebola outbreak began in West Africa that ended up sickening over 14,000 people and killing just over 5,000. Among the sick were at least four Americans who returned to the U.S. after treating patients abroad.

This is one of many stories heard and read throughout the year about people coming in contact with a virus or disease that could have been prevented by maintaining a level of personal hygiene or following strict governmental protocols.

This is especially true in the workplace. Dozens, if not hundreds of people go to work everyday in an office building not knowing who is or is not practicing good hygiene. One of a dozen ways prevent viruses from spreading further is to hire a professional cleaning company who will strategically clean every surface of an office floor. This includes (but not limited to) door handles, door panels where people might touch, desks, phones, and carpeting.

Image One Professional Cleaning Services located in Wood Dale IL provides these services at an inexpensive rate. Their friendly staff will accommodate most requests upon arrival and will make the office space look unhabited.

Don’t allow your office staff to work in conditions that warrant or promote the spreading of viruses during the holiday season. Instead hire a professional crew to take care of it!