5 Advantages to Green Cleaning

5 Advantages to Green Cleaning

Advertising and branding play a huge role in deciding which cleaning products people and companies choose to use. When it’s time to buy some new window cleaner you go to the store and choose a brightly colored bottle with a clever name and a good price – but do you actually have any idea what’s in the bottle?

The chemical recipes of many household cleaners are actually quite harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Once you know the risks, it’s easy to see why “green cleaning products” are getting so much attention these days.

There are many advantages to going green when you clean; here are a few of the big ones!

Toxic chemicals get absorbed through the air, water and skin by the humans (and animals) that are exposed to them. Young people and the people who do a lot of the cleaning are the most at risk. Exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals can cause skin, eye and respiratory irritations. Prolonged exposure can cause allergies and asthma.

Chemicals from cleaning products can contaminate the air and water causing damage to the environment. Switching to greener cleaning products can help protect the ozone and make the air and water around you safer and more pure.

Green cleaning products contain less expensive ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil. Not only can you curb your cleaning bill with these all natural ingredients but businesses can also benefit by reduced sick time and healthier employees.

Antibacterial soaps and cleaning compounds were all the rage for a while but now we know better, over use of antibacterial products can lead to resistance to drugs you need when you are sick and has contributed to the creation of “super viruses.” Green cleaning does not contain harmful antibacterial agents.

It is much easier to know exactly what you are putting on your surfaces and in turn, your body, when you use green products with ingredient labels you can understand easily. If a product has too many long complicated sounding ingredients, chances are, it’s not healthy for you or the environment!

  • Healthier Humans
  • Purer Environment
  • Less Expensive
  • Fewer Antibacterials
  • Knowledge is Power