Infographic: Are Sick Employees Costing You Money?

Infographic: Are Sick Employees Costing You Money?

Effective cleaning in the workplace can reduce office hazards. It helps you accomplish tasks easily and safely. With regular office cleaning, you can increase your business’ productivity and efficiency. Poor housekeeping is often one of the reasons for accidents and injuries. Your employees will get sick frequently, which can cost you money.

Business cleaning is an investment. It can help improve your bottom line, the environment, and the health of your workforce. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on office cleaning. Allotting a reasonable amount of your budget for commercial cleaning, however, can do a lot for your business and give you sizable returns.

Cost of Absences

Each employee takes an average of 7.7 sick days per year. This translates to about $225.8 billion annually. Common reasons for not going to work are flu symptoms and exposure to allergens or dust. Performance in the workplace decreases by three to eight percent when employees develop flu symptoms. Exposure to dust or allergens can affect your employees’ cognitive skills by as much as six percent. Furthermore, unplanned absences can reduce your company’s productivity by more than half, which may reduce your customer service or sales by 39%.

Having a well-planned injury and illness prevention program in the office can help you maximize your workforce, reduce unexpected expenses, and increase efficiency. Identifying hazards and controlling risks are essential parts of this program. Knowing the equipment or areas in your workplace with high levels of contamination helps you determine the right course of action to take. Once you know these areas, think about hiring Chicago cleaning services for your office.

Reasons You Should Invest in Office Cleaning

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The Real Value of Cleanliness

The secret to a safe and efficient office is to keep it clean and minimize dangers in the workplace. Having a clean facility can help increase profits and improve customer loyalty, especially when clients always visit your office or store. Don’t put your employees and customers at risks of diseases and accidents by not managing your office properly. Regular cleaning can go a long way.

The best way to keep your office clean is to hire a professional staff to manage your workplace. Outsourcing your office cleaning needs is a convenient way of preventing diseases in the office. As you’re not using your in-house resources, you won’t have to worry about decreased productivity. Your employees can focus better on their primary office roles. With a dependable and professional commercial cleaning service, you can improve safety in the office without sacrificing productivity.

With clean surroundings, you can increase employee morale, reduce stress, and create a positive ambiance in the workplace. All these can lead to a higher return of investment in a short time.

Take the first step to a safer and healthier workplace. Look for a commercial cleaning service that you can trust. The right company must know how to respond to your needs and must care about your employees as much as you do. In Chicago, you don’t have to look too far. Image One Facility Solutions offers professional janitorial services to businesses of all types and sizes. Contact us for more information about our company and services.