What to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

What to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

Selecting the right commercial janitorial service takes time to plan out because it requires a knowledge of your own company and its needs as well as in-depth research into the janitorial services you are going to work with. To begin with, at a minimum, make sure that the institutions you are consulting are accredited services with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the quality of work meets a required standard.

Supply and Demand

Consider the type of company you operate. Is it an office building? Is it a supermarket? Is it a hospital? The type of company will indicate to you the regulations that are put in place for minimum sanitation standards, and thus clue you in on the sort of services that you need performed. Knowing what you need, you will know what sorts of questions to ask about the particular services offered by a cleaning company. Also, you should make a note of the size of the building you need cleaned and whether it is just a single building or a number of them. Does the commercial cleaning service have the staff and resources to clean your building(s) sufficiently and meet your schedule’s demands?


Though each of the businesses you will be researching by now are BBB approved companies, reading customer testimonials is a smart move to see which companies in particular stand above the rest. Don’t just take their word for it, seek out what the market is really saying about these companies so you’re not left with poor quality and fewer dollars. Learn more about the company’s history as well. How long have they been in business for? What sorts of clients have they typically served? What do they specialize in? All of this should be weighed in your decision making.


What kinds of products do they use in their services? Knowledge of the types of products will assist you in deciding who to select for your specific cleaning needs. How intensive is the level of cleaning that your institution needs? Sometimes, companies pick up home remedies for savings purposes, but those won’t always cut it when faced with tougher jobs and name brand heavy-duty products are the solution. Additionally, is this commercial cleaner insured? You need to be sure that you will be protected in the event that a liability arises through either property damage or an injury. Get a copy of their insurance certificate.

Having taken all of this into consideration, you may select from your panel of candidates and discuss pricing structure, estimates, and payment plans to get the bottom line on what the costs will be. If they offer all the services you require and fit your budget, you can get started and do business.

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