The Man Behind Image One’s Success: Tim Conn

The Man Behind Image One’s Success: Tim Conn

At the tender age of 14, when most boys try to avoid any kind of housework, one boy set out to voluntarily clean an entire commercial building owned by his parents.

That boy was Tim Conn, the founder of Image One Facility Solutions, a premier commercial cleaning service company based just outside Chicago, a maverick, a visionary and much-loved frontrunner who leads by example.

After displaying thoroughness and diligence in his first project, Mr. Conn soon had over six projects under his sleeve. His passion for and seriousness about this job became apparent when he began networking in professional circles immediately after receiving his driver’s license – he was just 16. A chance meeting with an AT &T representative transformed his vocation into a career when he was hired to clean one of their facilities. It was clear he had arrived.

In college, when his worried career counselor asked him why he wasn’t attending any job fairs, he matter-of-factly stated that he already had a job he was good at and loved! Now how many teenagers can claim that?!

In his early twenties, he was already earning $30, 000 (in billing) per month. “Pretty good, right,” he says with a self-deprecating laugh. “Pretty” good? Mind-boggling is more like it!

Tim Conn inspires others to believe in themselves

As his contacts widened, he entered into a 10-year franchise agreement with a national franchise company. Their association ended in 2011, the same year Image One began operating. Mr. Conn’s penchant for helping people led the company to offer cleaning franchises to people who were interested in owning their own business. His view has always been that if he could build his small business to the level he did in his early 20’s he could certainly teach other people to duplicate that success!

Mr. Conn’s down-to-earth personality permeates his entire organization, including his franchise owners. When asked to describe his brand’s culture, he shrugged and said, “Have you seen the video testimonials of our franchise owners? They describe what we stand for the best. We are real and laidback”

It’s evident he takes pride in his ‘family.’ Mr. Conn’s commitment towards helping people has created several confident business owners from all walks of life and all skill levels. Image One differentiates itself by being open-minded and offering guidance borne out of years of experience. The company is amply rewarded through the passion and commitment of its employees who are just as invested in it as its charismatic founder.

With a positive attitude, determined mindset, creative strategies and committed employees, Image One is poised to grow into a much-loved commercial cleaning operation.

And Tim Conn’s perseverance will continue to pay off.