5 Ways to Build Trust in Your Cleaning Company

5 Ways to Build Trust in Your Cleaning Company

Say you worked very hard, said and did the right things, and spent financial and human resources to pitch your service to a potential client. The client is impressed and hires you. You are elated. Another client means more profitability. You do one job for them, and so sure are you in your capabilities that you believe it’s a guarantee that the client will rehire you. But that doesn’t happen. The client picks your competitor for the next job. You are baffled. Why didn’t this client come back?

The answer probably is that the client lost trust in you, which is the worst thing that can happen to any business. Lack of trust leads to negative perception and bad ‘buzz’, which will prove highly detrimental for your company’s future. As a human race, we seem to often consider ourselves invincible. Hence, we fudge the truth, convinced that we can get away with it! But this is perhaps the biggest mistake anyone can ever make. If your client ever becomes aware of your machinations, they will pull out of this relationship immediately, and no one can blame them!

Similar to personal relationships, profitable and unified business relationships are created and maintained because of trust. A client can lose trust in you because of several reasons, such as : (a) uprofessionalism ; (b) dishonesty ; (c) lack of ethics ; (d) lack of responsiveness ; (c) lack of reliability and dependability.

Any and all of these factors can single-handedly or cumulatively destroy a client’s trust in you, which leads to the loss of repeat business. Repeat business, as most know, is more profitable (and costs less!) than gaining new clients and hence it becomes very very important for every business owner to stress the importance of being trustworthy to their employees.

One of our earlier blogs stressed the importance of having the right attitude ( http://www.imageoneusa.com/2013/06/demonstrate-proper-attitude-work/) to enjoy mutually beneficial business-client relationships. Choosing to be trustworthy is the first step towards developing this attitude.

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