5 Simple Holiday Cleaning Tips

5 Simple Holiday Cleaning Tips

Holidays mean food, family and fun. But they also mean clutter, cleaning and chaos!

Although Image One Facilities is a commercial cleaning company, we are often asked about tips on how to clean up after a holiday or a party at home.

So we decided to come up withfive simple holiday cleaning tips that will allow you to enjoy your festivities without getting frustrated about the post-holiday cleanup:

  1. Use Disposable Cutlery: Why take on more mess when you can eliminate nearly half the clutter using disposable cutlery?! Washing your cooking utensils is enough of a headache. Do not stress yourself some more by scrubbing those spoons, forks, plates and knives. If plastic is not for you, there are other options like disposable wooden-ware that can help you out immensely. An additional tip is to cover your tables with a protector sheet. You could then easily wipe off the grime using a spray and a rag or just toss the sheet into the bin.
  2. Soak Grimy Pots and Pans: Do not let your grimy pots and pans sit outside for too long. The grunge will harden and it will become much harder to scrub them later. Instead, soak them immediately in warm water and add a dollop of dishwater detergent. This will soften the stains, making it much easier to clean them later.
  3. Take Out the Trash Periodically: With the gift-wrappings and ribbons and other trash, chances are your bins will fill up quickly! Don’t wait to take them out. Instead, dump your trash in your outside receptacle immediately. This will not only make your home look beautiful, you will also FEEL better without all the dirty trash lying around. We would also encourage to spray some gentle room fresheners every once in a while to keep your home smelling fresh and clean all day.
  4. Wipe Spills and Other Easy Stains Immediately: We are not asking you to run around with a spray and rag the whole day! But you would have to give your home a good dusting once the party dies down and the guests leave. So why not make this process easier by taking care of the simpler stains – like spills on your coffee table – immediately?! Cakey stains can be quite irritating and depressing. Hence, it is also psychologically better to get rid of them as soon as possible. The less you have to do, the better you will feel about the cleaning process.
  5. Ask for Help: Don’t try to be a superhero and do everything yourself! You deserve to enjoy your party too. Hence, it is OKAY to ask your guests to pitch in with some simple duties, like wiping the dishes or taking out the trash. Eliciting their help will also allow you to spend more time with your family and friends, instead of you being holed up in a kitchen while the others have fun.

Holidays are supposed to be restful, happy times. We hope our five simple cleaning tips help you enjoy these merry moments.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a fantastic year ahead – love deeply, live simply and laugh wholeheartedly.