The Advantages of the Image One Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

The Advantages of the Image One Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Choosing to take part in a cleaning franchise opportunity is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but that has the opportunity to become a successful business and life changing event. Benjamin Franklin once said that “nothing is certain, but death and taxes”… well, he forgot cleaning as well. There is always going to be a need for someone to clean up for someone else whether it is a commercial property or a residential one. Janitorial and commercial cleaning services are always in need and always will be, but beyond that certainty are the advantages of choosing to invest in an office cleaning business. As a Chicago janitorial service that offers franchise opportunities we’ve have been asked why exactly someone should invest in becoming a franchise and here are the advantages our cleaning franchise provides.

A Cleaning Franchise Opportunity Offers a Proven & Recognizable Business Model

Franchises become “franchises” because they have proved themselves against the competition and have started to branch out and use that recognition to increase profitability and business success. When you invest in a cleaning franchise opportunity you are investing in the name, the business model it provides and the proven track record that comes along with it.

The Cleaning Franchise Opportunity Provides a Solid Base of Training, Support & Marketing

Just like with other franchises and office cleaning businesses that support franchises, Image One offers a solid base of training, ongoing support and business marketing. From bringing in a continual string of customers to help your business succeed to helping you obtain the equipment and supplies you need to begin the business, our business cleaning franchise is your ticket to owning your own cleaning company. Doing so allows you to enter into this cleaning business opportunity with all the tools you need to not only turn a profit, but become a success in the office cleaning market as well.

A Cleaning Franchise Opportunity Provides You with the Right Prestige Needed for Business Loans

For those who need a loan to help get an office cleaning business off the ground, the prestige of a proven franchise is something that bankers respond very well too. Individual franchise businesses have a greater likelihood of succeeding because of that solid support structure provided for franchise owners and banks take this fact into consideration when deciding whether or not to approve a business loan. By choosing to invest in a cleaning franchise opportunity your chances of getting that necessary loan to help pay for the initial franchise purchase is as high as it could possibly be.