3 Things to Look for when Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

3 Things to Look for when Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

The cleanliness and quality of maintenance of your facility is an indicator of your credibility and professionalism. There are multiple benefits of hiring a commercial office cleaning service, such as saving your company time and money, improving the health and efficiency of your workforce and presenting a professionally appealing office to your clients.

However, the ‘wrong’ cleaning company might actually prove detrimental in many ways. For instance, poor quality of service could lead to premature suspension of contracts and an unnecessary loss of time, manpower and money to find a new commercial janitorial business, thereby creating a dent in your overall profits and production.

It, therefore, becomes paramount to choose among the various cleaning companies after carefully evaluating their services on certain significant criteria to determine whether it has the potential to form a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you. Most businesses evaluate commercial cleaning companies based on their experience, price and customer service, which is understandable, given that they are the most basic selection criteria.

However, following are three other important, but often ignored, features that you should look for while selecting a commercial cleaning service. These will give your company a competitive advantage (and save costs) in today’s technologically-advanced, customer-driven and environmentally-conscious world.

a. Training and Monitoring of Employees

It is easy to discount the importance of training while selecting your janitorial service by believing that anyone can pick up a scrub and brush to become a cleaner! But this kind of thinking isn’t smart. Like in any other career, a trained janitor is a more efficient employee. With new products and techniques arriving in the market at a high pace, it becomes extremely desirable to choose a commercial cleaning company that offers periodic and up-to-date training to keep its employees knowledgeable and effective.

In addition, a commercial janitorial service that keeps track of its employees is a company that is willing to be accountable for their actions, which is a definite plus. Technological advances have made it possible for companies to effectively monitor performance and other benchmarks. Hence, a cleaning service that goes this extra mile to offer you the highest quality of service is unquestionably a good candidate!

b. Customization of Offerings

Cleaning a medical office isn’t the same as cleaning a school or an auto dealership, right?! Every client (and facility) has their specific requirements, and a ‘one-‘broom’-fits-all’ policy, therefore, does not work! Choose a commercial cleaning service that understands your needs and tailors its offerings to satisfy them. A janitorial business that works WITH you is vital to develop a trustworthy relationship that boosts your profitability AND productivity. In other words, a flexible commercial cleaning company is a favorable choice.

c. Green Cleaning Services

The world is ‘going green.’ As more people embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, choosing a commercial cleaning company that utilizes ‘green’ products and practices offers myriad advantages, such as:

  • Safer and healthier employees, which automatically implies a morepositive mindset and better performance.
  • Delivering a much higher value (than by using cleaning companies that use regular products), especially because cleaning companies who adopt environmentally-sustainable methods to clean offices are often also cognizant about conserving water and electricity – thereby saving your operational costs – and propagate recycling and eco-friendly dispensing techniques.
  • Improving YOUR overall brand image: your customers will be proud to be associated with someone who makes such responsible choices.

We believe that professional cleaning and maintenance not only protects a facility’s value but strengthens work productivity and the organization’s professional image. Therefore, a commercial office cleaning company that is the most responsive to your needs, accountable for its services and willing to make environmentally-safe choices must surely be considered before making your final selection.