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Steve Conn

Steve Conn

Steve Conn is a veteran of the cleaning industry with over 30 years of experience. As a teenage entrepreneur with his parents’ help, he started his own cleaning business at the age of 14. Learning best practices from the local suppliers and taking on tasks like stripping and refinishing floors as well as carpet cleaning, he made himself invaluable to meet the needs of his clients, so that they didn’t need several vendors.

After about 6 years in the industry, Steve was starting to get an idea of where he may or may not want to go with his business. He got out of the day-to-day cleaning for a few years, but focused on floor refinishing and polishing, while working in his family’s business. Additionally, working with companies like Domino’s Pizza, he became proficient at maintaining their floors and keeping the storefronts in tiptop shape. Setting up maintenance schedules allowed the storeowners to think about their own daily tasks. Steve was viewed as an asset to their business.

Several years later, Steve’s brother Tim, another young entrepreneur who started a cleaning business, approached Steve to see if they could work together. Tim’s knowledge of handling larger accounts and managing teams of workers, along with Steve’s overall knowledge of the industry made them a perfect fit. Steve’s ability to train others in floor care and carpet cleaning was just the beginning. Utilizing Steve in sales as well as crossing over into operations, was the perfect mix that helped both of them focus on their strengths. The key to a successful business plan is to surround yourself with the right people.

Most recently, Steve moved to Denver Colorado to operate an Image One® franchise. Steve still does many operational type tasks with regards to training, customer service, and client retention. If you’re out in the middle of the night, you might event catch Steve on a jobsite making sure that the job is being completed “just right”.

Steve has been married to his wife Laura for over 30 years. In his time away from the business, he enjoys adventure motorcycling, hiking and camping. He was an avid runner for many years and ran several marathons and ultra marathons (Distances from 31-100 miles. Now that he is in Colorado, he enjoys the mountains as often as he can. Focus and perseverance are among his many strengths in and out of the office.

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