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Scott Kochanski

Scott Kochanski

Scott’s experience in the franchise industry is hard to match. He began working in the franchise industry with a janitorial franchise in the mid 80’s. He spent a great deal of time developing unit franchises, as well as master franchise territories.

Having worked with 2 franchisors over a 20-year period, Scott decided it was time to take a break from all of the travel involved with developing master and unit franchises. His decision led him to work with a national contractor that would subcontract work to local building service contractors.

When the national contractor decided to consolidate several regional offices, Scott had to decide if he would uproot his family and move again, or move on to something more local. He decided to take a look at the franchise industry again and he was introduced to Image One. When Tim & Mike met Scott, they didn’t have a position for him. They weren’t even hiring, but based on his experience in both franchising and the janitorial industry, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with him. Scott was equally excited about the opportunity to work with Image One because he saw an opportunity to help franchisees grow.

Scott’s time at Image One has proven his expertise really matters. Since adding him to the team, the company has had record growth. There have been 6 new markets that have opened under Image One since Scott has joined the company, with several more on the way.

When Scott is able to take some time away, he enjoys fishing, kayaking, along with other outdoor sports. He is also a Miami Dolphins fan in the along with all the Chicago sports teams. He loves food, ice cream, and chocolate. Scott is the proud father of two daughters that are both members of the United States Air Force.

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