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Joyce Cannon

Joyce is no stranger to sales or customer service. At the early age of 15, Joyce began showing her customer service skills at a local donut shop. Positive comments and high tips proved that Joyce had the skills necessary to accomplish great things.

After several retail jobs, Joyce took the initiative to lease part of her family’s business. Expanding the business was an easy task for Joyce; she more than doubled the revenues over the next several years.

In her mid-20s, married and with small children, Joyce’s time was limited. It was then that she found an opportunity in direct sales. Joining a home party company was a natural fit. Raising a family didn’t mean limiting her ability to be successful in sales. Joyce was recognized as the number 3 seller in the nation during her very first year! Joyce spent the next 15 years in direct sales with several companies and repeatedly made the top sellers list.

With her kids in school fulltime, Joyce had more time available. She decided to return to retail. Joyce’s abilities were recognized immediately as she was quickly promoted to upper management. After 8 years in retail management, Joyce decided that she missed sales and customer service.

Currently, Joyce is a Regional Sales Director for Image One®. She is very involved in networking and is active in several local Chambers of Commerce. Joyce is always on the lookout for ways that she can help new businesses grow and flourish! If she has an idea that can help your business grow, rest assured, she will share it!

Working with Image One has allowed Joyce the flexibility to spend time with her three adult children and two grandchildren.

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  • "Visitors to our facility compliment constantly on the appearance and cleanliness of our campus."

    - Barbara

  • "What a great company, and great people working for them."

    - Sal

  • "Great people doing consistent/high-quality work at competitive pricing. you can't beat that."

    - Jim

  • "We have finally found our cleaning vendor and are so happy to be dealing with a company we trust."

    - Lexy

  • "Working in a customer service position I know it is sometimes refreshing to hear a commendation"

    - Accesories of Chicago

  • "They call once a month to check up on how things are going and very personable and professional."

    - Kathleen

  • "This it's one of the best cleaning companies customer care!"

    - Alex soto

  • "They do extra work without being asked or charging more!"

    - Sal

  • "They are responsive to concerns and a pleasure to work with."

    - Matt

  • "We are very pleased with the service they provide and we would recommend their services to another business."

    - Joseph

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