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Filtered Alkaline Water
Our Scottsdale water filtration and ionization system can be in your home tomorrow! Our Scottsdale water filter and ionization systems are available to Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale and Mesa residents with overnight shipping to provide delicious alkaline water with higher pH and antioxidant levels. The ionization and distillation process our units provide is based on our patented technology. Learn about all of the health benefits at your disposal when you run your tap water through our water machines. Order yours today, and improve your health starting tomorrow. How soon can you have a water filters and ionization? Order one of our water filter and ionization systems and begin enjoying alkaline water as soon as the next day.

Patio Outdoor Lighting
Our NJ outdoor lighting fixtures and materials, for Morris County outdoor lighting and beyond, are made in the USA especially for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. We also offer state-of-the-art lighting control automation for residential and commercial lights. For instance, your swimming pool lights, garden path lights and deck lights can turn on automatically at dusk every evening, or you can control your low voltage lighting manually. Our New Jersey outdoor lighting for residential and commercial properties are superior in quality. We can install pool lights for residential or commercial use. Our lighting designs are second to none when it comes to Morris County outdoor lighting or anywhere else in Northern New Jersey.

Landscape Maintenance Professionals
Every residential or commercial property requires landscape maintenance. Keeping grass green, trees healthy and plants flourishing requires proper lawn and landscape maintenance, which includes the right amount of watering. Whether you want automatic Paterson sprinklers for your grass or the drip system for a backyard tree the contractors from our landscape maintenance company can assist you with the right design. We have the best products for landscape irrigation and maintenance. New Jersey landscape maintenance! Our landscape irrigation and maintenance services are the best in town. Morris & Bergen landscape maintenance company employs skilled contractors to give you superior quality irrigation systems. Our lawn and landscape maintenance designs include customized drip systems and sprinklers for residential and commercial properties. Contact us today!

Solar Cleaning Systems
With systems to clean solar panels from Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Sharp, and more, our system is the residential solar panel cleaning company of choice for commercial and residential users. Look to us for accessories including solar panel security fasteners and security screws, and we’ll assure you of clean solar panels in good working order day and night.  We are well known for providing systems to clean solar panels, but as your residential solar panel cleaning company we also offer accessories including Unirac security fasteners, specially cut security bolts, and more. Keep your panels pristine and secure with the great products available to you today.

Williams Direct Dryers
Our outdoor clothes dryer makes an extremely effective turnout gear dryers. From helmets and masks to ski boots, hockey gear, firefighter gear and of course boots and gloves, our commercial and industrial dryers offer warm or ambient air at the flick of a switch and are the finest wet weather gear dryers on the market today.

Maintenance Free Lawns
Artificial turf from Challenger Industries! Our artificial sports turf and artificial grass has the look and feel of a natural surface. Your athletes can play all of their favorite sports on our artificial sports grass without worrying about allergies or harsh chemicals. Our golf mats and baseball mats are designed to last you for years of play. The #1 manufacturer of artificial turf for football, soccer, golf and landscape, at Challenger Industries we stand on our products!

Canada to US Cargo Freight Company
Our Canadian freight company has fast and reliable transportation logistics for shipping freight. Why use a truck broker or a freight broker when a sales agent can provide you with freight carrier services, and even LTL trucking. Our Canada trucking company for trucking freight has very reasonable shipping freight prices. Give our freight carrier service a try and see why we are the best freight company in Ontario Canada. Don’t be fooled hiring a truck broker or freight broker when a reliable sales agent can provide better and more reliable service. We also provide LTL trucking with great transportation logistics.

Reciept Paper Supply
We do carry thermal paper rolls, thermal receipt paper and thermal cash register paper in our online store. Whether you need tape for your credit card machine or any other printing supply products from brand manufacturers, we are the company you need!  We carry a full line of 1-ply, 2-ply and 3-ply thermal paper rolls for your business needs. We even have thermal receipt paper for ATM machines. Whether you need thermal cash register paper, or tape for your credit card machines, stock up your supply with our brand manufacturer products.

Professional Business speaker
Author of 18 books and success guides; he runs a business and has over 20 years on the speaking circuit. He is a successful entrepreneur, founder and builder of several companies, and respected business leader and strategist. He is also a gold medal winner who applies the same principles of winning in sports to business – focus, excellence, preparation, determination, and the never give up attitude of a winner. Focusing on these principles has made his programs in the financial services industry receive rave reviews from clients all over the world. A motivational speaker and professional keynote speaker, he is an expert at innovation and master of creativity, marketing, and world-class customer service. He explains in customized speeches what to do and how to do it. With over 20 years of experience in motivational speaking he will get you real results where they count… on the bottom line. This successful CEO keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they laugh and learn the principles of successful innovation, creativity, happiness and achievement